The Education Principal Secretary (PS) Eliud Kipsang during the release of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education at Mtihani house has marked this as the 38th and last year of their service since 8-4-4 KCPE system was introduced.

Kipsang has congratulated the teachers who have been on the 8-4-4  journey terming them as a special cohort of human beings.

“Today is a special day for all of us, we are celebrating more than 28 years of service of our Kenyan people whom we have taken through the 8-4-4 system… my colleague teachers who have been in this journey I want to say that you are a special cohort to human beings” the PS stated.

Kipsang also revealed the opening date for schools settling on the 8/01/2024 as the official date.

This will mark the return of a normal calendar since the COVID 19 pandemic period.

The Ps further  recalled the struggles faced afterwards like having many National exams in an year and having up to 4 terms in an academic year.

“We are opening our schools on the 8th of January, for the new year, meaning that we are back to the normal calendar of the events after COVID… I would want to thank again our teachers for the much you have been putting, there were times we were running four terms in a calendar year. Last year we even did many examinations in the same year. We say thank you for your good work and the good work you did” Kipsang Noted.

The principal secretary summed up his speech by offering a thank you message to the examiners and the field officers involved in making the examination flow seamlessly.

“I want to appreciate our field officers; you have done a gallant job in managing the examination some in very difficult situation. I saw some of them who had to remove their shoes so that they could cross the river in making sure we serve our children… I know we have honored our two teachers who passed on while we were doing exams. On behalf of all of us we would also like to honor the police officer we lost in Siaya while been there to ensure that the environment our children were doing exams in was conducive” Kipsang said.

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