Mugithi mestro Samidoh has told off a man asking that he lends him his baby mama Karen Nyamu. According to the fan , he wants to ‘tengeneza’ the nominated senator. The fan was reacting to a photo of Karen Nyamu wishing her fans a happy valentines day.

“Samidoh si uniachie hii mkuu nikuoneshe vile inatengenezwa.’ Begged the fan.To which Samidoh sarcastically responded “Jitengeze kwanza” Meaning work on yourself first.

Mugiithi artiste Samidoh and Ohangla singer Prince Indah recently released a love song ahead of valentines day. The song talks about a man who has feelings for a woman he once loved although the woman is no longer interested.

Samidoh’s fans had mixed reaction towards the song with many claiming the song was a dedication to Karen Nyamu after their breakup but Samidoh’s wife Edday rubbished those claims stating that the song was done a long time ago.


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