Tik tok dancer Babushka has opened up on how he was rejected by women because of his physical appearance but now they are all over him.

Babushka who is disabled is known for his energetic dance moves which have seen him grow as a brand by himself which has proven that disability is not inability. He has since been pulling incredible dance moves that have endeared him to many and aided him to land lucrative endorsement deals that have since been raking him a substantial amount of money.

Babushka has danced for and with various celebrities such as Lulu Hassan and David Moya. He is currently a third-year law student at Kisii University, who aspires to be a politician and an advocate for individuals with disabilities.

Through his official Instagram account Babushka explained that in the past he used to crop his pictures because he was accustomed to women turning him down because of his disability but the narrative has since changed because he is no longer that broke guy.

“Kitambo I used to crop/potrait my pics juu nilikuwa naogopa watanilenga because of my physical appearance since I developed self acceptance sai mi ndo nawalenga apa kwa DM lol” he said.

In an interview with a local station in the country Babushka revealed that his DM is filled with  different women wanting to date him. He has since moved to a space to where he can choose the kind of women he wants to date and can choose to turn down others.

His content on social media is mainly dominated by dance video and surprise videos on the streets. From trendy dance challenges to choreographed dance routines Babushka can do it all, interestingly he can play football too you will most likely notice his penchant for football while going through his videos which shows enjoying soccer with friends.



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