Popular Secular musician Willy Paul has called upon Bolt Kenya to sack a driver who conned him.

Willy Paul expressed his frustrations on social media saying that the driver took advantage of him after he ordered for a bolt drive for his friend.

He went ahead to publish the driver’s phone number and questioned if the taxi line was comfortable working with such an individual.

“@boltkenya you need to sack this man as soon as possible. Ordered bolt for my friend, my friend paid but he still made me pay and blocked all our numbers . @boltkenya please answer this are you okay working with a conman? 0724984157 his number,” the agitated artist wrote on Insta stories.


Bolt is yet to issue a response on the matter.

Willy however seems to be unlucky in the recent days. Just a few days ago, he alleged that his studio, Saldido Records, was ambushed by  gunmen.

According to him, he received a call from a woman who claimed to be an events organizer. The woman in question called Willy Paul so that he could perform at the launch of their club.

“They Told Me That The Agreement Was To Be Signed In Person By Both Of Us, They Kept Asking Me To Go To Their Office But I Said No Because It Sounded Off!! So They Agreed To Come To My Office But At Night ( red flag ). Deep Down I Had A Feeling That It Was All A Trap That Was Only Meant To Take My Life,” he said in an Instagram post.

He further vowed to get to the bottom of the matter if DCI failed to take action.

“Thank God I’m Still Alive And Typing This Info. Anyway, If The dcikenya_ Doesn’t Do Anything About This Then I Will Put Them Down Myselt The Hard Way!! I Thank God For The Lives Of The Boys In My Studio Because Anything Could Have Happened.. IN THE VIDEO YOU CAN SEE THEM WITH GUNS!!” he added.


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