A Rwandan man, identified as Raima, has professed his undying love towards one of Kenya’s finest media personality Betty Kyallo.

In an interview with Mungai Eve TV, he said that he began admiring Betty after seeing her on social media. By then he was in Rwanda and was forced to travel all the way to Kenya by bus so as to meet her.

“I came here in January 2020, then corona came in. I took a whole year organizing myself saying that if corona is over I will meet her. When corona was over, I started asking my friends in Kenya how I can meet Betty. They told me they don’t know where she works or stays,” Raima said.

At that point, he decided to be creative and wrote a poem to the former news anchor. He shared it on his YouTube channel but Betty did not come across. He revealed that he went up to her office but was not allowed to meet her because she was too busy.

Raima then decided to write the sweet message for Betty on placard expressing his desire towards the mother of one and walked with it in town.

“Baby Betty, I love you to be loved and inspire. I do deeply love you. You don’t need to inquire. Holding and kissing you doesn’t tire. Hear not any gossip or satire. You are adorable to me and presentable to my sire. Please give me your entire body as my empire. My soul needs you, even if it is for hire. Please tell me what loving me requires. You only is what I do and admire,” he states in part of the poem.

He further gave Betty’s name a new meaning. According to him, B stands for  Beauty, E for eloquent, T for tender, T for terrific and Y for Yummy.



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