President William Ruto took his unending promises to the coastal region over the weekend.

During his speech on Sunday during a church service in Mombasa, Ruto revealed the government’s development plans for the area.

He raised high hopes of fish farmers noting that the government would use the Blue economy to create jobs, and food and to expand the economy.

Ruto further revealed that that the government was set to finish the construction of Fish landing Sites in the county, a project believed to consume about 7 Billion Kenya shillings.

“Tunataka kutumia blue economy kuzalisha ajira, kuzalisha chakula na vilevile kupanua uchumi, mapato ya watu katika sehemu hii na ndio kwa sababu tunakamilisha ujenzi wa fish landing sites  katika project yetu ya karibu bilioni 7 ya Blue economy katika sehemu hii.” the President said.

Ruto also promised the completion of fully equipped fish planting sites in several areas including Kidongo, Mwaembe, Lunga Lunga, Ngomeni, Kipini, and Kiunga by June next year.

The president also touched on the sensitive Land conflict that is ongoing in the coastal region.

He talked about the 1000 acres that residents have been living in as squotas promising to come to a consesus that will see title deeds delivered to the people.

The president campaigned for the government’s affordable housing mega project stating that it would be effective in the coastal region soon.

Ruto took the opportunity to declare his stand on the privatization of ports in the country. He stated that the privatization would not happen under his watch.

His other mega promises included the construction of markets and the expansion of roads.

Some locals, however, felt that the President’s promises were becoming much talk and less actions as depicted in a now-viral video that shows Ruto addressing a hostile crowd

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