Rapper Khaligraph Jones has hit back at a netizen who claimed that he is forcing to be a star.

The netizen made the comment on a photo that Khaligraph had uploaded on Instagram while in Lagos, Nigeria.


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“Huyu jamaa anaforce kuwa star ila hana nyota,” the Instagram user identified as Idi Amin claimed.

Khaligraph responded to comment with laughing emojis and referred to him as Rosecoco.

“Rosecoco wewe,” the Mbona hitmaker said.

The fan however went ahead and criticised him for taking photos with his phone, saying that he was so cheap

“Jifunze kuwa na hadhi ya ustar picha zako zisiwe za simu. Jibrand bro you look so cheap,” he wrote.

Fans of Khaligraph however intervened and  bashed Idi amin saying that he was trying to chase clout by dissing Khaligraph. Here are there comments.

“Tafuta pesa mwanzo kabla uanze ubishi na watu wenye pesa zao… Poor mouse.”

“@idiamini_dada you are trying so hard to gain recognition and clout but bro you suck. Just let everyone be.”

“You hating na soo kwa mshwari hadi DP unaeka sura sio yako …..Bomboclat😂😂 ati idi amin wats that Rosecoco ww😂 we na Mackenzie no different weka sura yako bwana😃😃.”

“Hii comment ya rosecoco ndio inabamba kila mtu aiseme kwa lugha yale uione vile ni funny.”



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