Flamboyant City pastor Reverend Lucy Natasha has come out pleading with Kenyans to pray for individuals in the ministering industry.

Reverend Natasha took to her Instagram revealing the struggles of being a pastor noting that its a stressful and  occasionally hurting.

“People think being in ministry is easy. It is not. It is stressful, sometimes painful.”

She further  noted that as a minister people set expectations on your behalf expecting you to live up to them.

”There is a lot of expectations of being perfect yet they help others with their imperfections. Pray for those in Ministry. Pray for your pastor. Mama Oracle,” wrote Natasha.

The flashy city preacher has been on record for many backlashes ;her way of preaching, the oracle tattoo and her source of income.

She is one of the top preachers at Empowerment Christian Church.

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