Once again Rayvanny has ignited his beef with his ex lover Paula Kajala after claiming that her beauty is not natural but comes from applying lightening creams.

Rayvanny who was performing in the ongoing wasafi festival in the region of Songea in Tanzania took to a freestyle where he slammed Paula Kajala.

The Tanzanian Bongo Artiste who has been involved in a flotilla of exchanges with Paula after a silent breaking up with the daughter of Fridah Khajala fronted that  Paula Kajala’s beauty was not natural but forced.

He further added that now he has a real light skinned babe and he has already forgot about her while reitarating that Paula’s beauty is forced and only comes from applying make up.

“Sikukumbuki wala sikumiss, usijivimbishe wala sikukumbuki. Mpaka sasa hivi niko na mtoto yuko light, ana bright nishamsahau yule wa zamani mpaka caro light. Rayvanny said which his fans concluded that it was directed to Paula Kajala.

He shamed her for jumping from one  relationship into another with artists.

“Katoka kwa msanii kaenda kwa msanii hivi kwa nini wanawake hamsikii” Rayvanny threw shade at Paula for her current romantic entanglement with Marioo.

Rayvanny continued to amaze his fans by declaring if his current lover Fahyma left him he would get another girl straight  from the region of songea in Tanzania.

Paula Kajala recently invoked netizens with her announcement of an ongoing wedding plan with mi amor hitmaker Marioo. She also went on to add that he was his last incase they broke up.

The 20-year-old’s fame grew after her relationship with Tanzanian bongo stars. Her name became popular after her mother’s ex-lover Harmonize allegedly wanted to date her while still dating Fridah.

Fridah acknowledged that she felt she had failed as a mother and expressed remorse for not heeding her daughter’s advice.




September 18, 2023

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