Amber Ray

Matatu Owners chairman Jamal Rohosafi and Amber Ray are suspected to be rekindling their love after their recent  gestures on social media.

It all began with the two following each other on social media, Jamal offering Amber Ray a job and then gifting her a Range Rover as soon as she broke up with Kennedy Rapudo.

“Eeh Kiongozi aliskia naumia kutumia jeep sahi venye iko juu akanitumia gari. Enyewe never burn bridges. May God always bless you for me chairman,” Amber said on her Insta stories.

Rapudo has shared his thoughts about the former lovebirds. During an interaction with fans one wanted to know if Amber Ray and Jamal are back together.

“So is Amber back with Jimal?” the fan posed.

“Wacha watu wapendane,” the father of one responded.

He was also asked the reason why he broke up with Amber Ray and he said, “We parted ways amicably like grown-ups. If she is happy then that is what matters.”

He added that there is no story to tell about the break-up and what matters is his soon-to-be born daughter.

At the same time, Rapudo denied claims that their break up was meant for chasing clout for their upcoming baby shower.

“Not true all the breakups we’ve had before have never been about clout chasing. I don’t have time for this,” he said.

Amber Ray also had an interaction with fans  and she was asked the cause of her break-up with Rapudo. The socialite said that  she will talk about that after giving birth to her daughter.

“I’ll talk about this after I give birth. All my energy now is dedicated to my princess,” she said.


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