Queen of the streets Shakilla seems to be a disturbed woman following her recent post.

Shakilla took to her insta-stories wondering why despite most of her followers and fans gushing over her posts no body wants to have a relationship with her.

”So outta all my goddamn followers no one wants to enter in a serious relationship with me?.” she posted.

The self proclaimed queen of the streets further questioned her tim frame on the streets forever or by any chance someone will come to her rescue

”Was I meant to be in the streets for life?” Shakilla wrote.

Shakillah has 347k followers and is only following 140 people on Instagram.

The socialite has been linked to a lot of scandals and in the middle of many controversies especially when it comes to men.

She once said she can never date a Kenyan and opted to date Nigerian men due to their sweetness.

‘Nigerians are the sweetest people you can meet, they give you money and treat you good,I would never date a Kenyan guy. I am not Kenyan so I have a right to do so. “

Under what circumstances would you cheat on your partner?”I wouldn’t want to,so God help me.”She once said.

The irony is that at one time Shakilla revealed that Andrew Kibe was on her dms and while addressing the issue she noted that she can never date a broque guy however, she is desperate now.

“I’m super allergic to broke men. Don’t be expecting that I’m gonna reply to you back without paying me. You gotta pay me coz I’m high profile Instagrammer right now here in Kenya, the most talked about so you gotta give me my money”Shakila posted.


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