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Social influencer Pritty Vishy shocked netizens with her rude response to a female fan who borrowed her some money so that she could purchase sanitary towels.

The unidentified fan reached out to the popular  YouTuber during a Question and Answer session with fans saying that she was about to start her monthly periods.

“Nota question but if you don’t mind naomba tu za pad. Please if you can I am almost starting my monthly period,” she said.

Responding to her, Pritty Vishy instead questioned her if she had a boyfriend, hence insinuating that he should be the one playing the role.

“Sorry to ask… Kwani you don’t  have a boyfriend?” the content creator posed.

Her response was widely been criticized  with one of the netizen saying that she would simply have said she that she was in no position to help.

“This is so wrong. Pritty Vishy angesema tu hawezisaidia to make matters worse, she is a woman we are trying to fight period poverty,” she wrote.

Pritty Vishy has however made a U-turn on her response and asked the fan to DM her so that she can help her out.

“If you are the one who send this kinda question please  dm I do something for you, please,” she said.


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