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YouTube content creator Pritty Vishy has revealed the record she wants to break after a Nigerian Chef broke the world record of the longest cooking time.

Pritty Vishy said that she wants to break the record of eating non-stop for a whole week.

“I want to break a record, and eat one week non-stop, who believes  in me?” she said in her Insta stories.

Hilda Baci, the Nigerian Chef, broke the Guinness World of Records by cooking continuously for 96 hours. When she saw that Nigerian had turned up to support her mission, she proceeded to cook for 100hours.

The 27-year old turned her cooker on on Thursday last week at 4pm and on Monday she had attained 87 hours 50 minutes mark defeating the current record holder, Lata Tondon from India. Tondon set the record in September 2019 by cooking non-stop for 87 hours 45 minute. A Kenyan woman, Maliha Mohammed, also set the record in 2019 by cooking non-stop for 75hrs and 3 minutes at the Bay Beach Hotel in Mombasa.

During the cooking Marathon, Hilda was only allowed to cook while standing and had five minutes to rest in every hour.

Other conditions to be met included not taking coffee, stimulants and energy drinks that  artificially boost her energy and bodily strength while cooking”.

The food she cooked was not sold. The food was shared to the people who were at the venue for free

Hildah runs a restaurant known as My Food by Hilda.


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