Pritty Vishy

Content creator Pritty Vishy has denied comparing her looks  to Akothee’s

Taking to her Insta story, Pritty Vishy said that some of the media was misreporting her and using her name to create false content, which is not right.

“The media is going around writing wrong articles that I said I am more beautiful than Akothee. That is not right. Don’t use my name in creating such content,” the former girlfriend of rapper Stevo Simple Boy said.

She noted that she can’t be compared to Akothee, because she is an icon and she is even older than her mother.

“I can’t compare myself with Akothee coz first she is an icon, second even older than my mum, I respect her so please don’t I beg you,” Vishy said.

The content creator is however hoping to be invited to Akothee’s second wedding that is set to take place in Switzerland on July 10,2023.

She told her fans that she was reaching out to the mother of five so that she could invite her.

“Wacha ni dm Akothee at least ani invite Switzerland. Akothee don’t leave me behind PLEASE,” said Pritty Vishy.

Akothee has since listed people who will be accompanying her to the wedding. Those listed include her bridal team and close family members.


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