Pritty Vishy

Stevo Simple Boy ex-girlfriend Pritty Vishy has been heartbroken by her new man just days after tattooing his name on her finger.

Pritty Vishy took to her Insta stories to open up about the matter saying that the man in question played with her heart but she will move on regardless.

“You give someone your heart and he plays with it..adi unachora tattoo lakini wapi but we move on regardless,” she said.

The content creator revealed that she was that she was in a new relationship last month, while showing of the tattoo of her boyfriend’s name. She made the revelation after a fan questioned if she is single.

“I don’t know but got his name tattooed on my finger,” she responded to the fan.

At the same time, Pritty Vishy vowed to hide the man’s face saying that posting him on social media might make another woman single.

“Not any soon coz we are sharing him hunny na sitaki awachane na mchumba wake,” she responded to a fan who questioned when she will unveil her new man’s face.


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