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President William Ruto expressed his intent to engage in discussions with the global CEO of TikTok, underscoring the importance of addressing content challenges within the platform.

President Ruto shared that discussions have already taken place at the national level regarding TikTok’s impact and challenges, aiming to establish effective mechanisms for content moderation and harness the potential of monetization for the benefit of a wider audience.

In a recent statement, President Ruto highlighted the need for a cooperative effort to ensure the TikTok platform is a safe and productive space for users, especially for the younger generation who are highly active on the platform.

He emphasized that the discussions with TikTok’s leadership would focus on developing strategies to reduce the proliferation of negative content and enhance the monetization opportunities that the platform offers.

“I will be speaking to the  global CEO of Tiktok. As a country we have had a conversation about TikTok and the challenges that are in that space so that we can agree on a mechanism to moderate content in their space and reduce content that is negative and leverage on the monetization that is benefiting a lot more people,” stated President Ruto.

TikTok, known for its short-form videos and diverse user base, has gained immense popularity globally. President Ruto’s acknowledged the platform’s positive aspects, such as its potential for creative expression and economic empowerment. By engaging in direct conversations with the global CEO of TikTok, the President intends to explore avenues for maximizing these positive elements while addressing the challenges that have emerged.

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