The beef between Kenyan YouTuber Presenter Ali and Bold Podcaster Andrew Kibe is escalating at a very high rate and Kenyans cannot wait to see what happens next.

Through a video that went viral Presenter Ali revealed that he went on a date with his newest foe Andrew kibe’s daughter.

However it is not clear if the lady in the video is truly Andrew Kibe’s daughter but ,in the video the two are seen in restaurant having a conversation. The lady is then seen holding flowers.

Discord between the two arose started when Kibe claimed that YouTubers like Presenter Ali and Nicholas Kioko drifted from content creation after have been focusing much on the women in their lives instead of work.

“All these guys who were interviewers, the like of Nicholas Kioko, Presenter Ali, and Commentator, as soon as they got some fame women checked into their lives. These guys were hustlers, they hustled, and immediately they started making money, women came into their lives. We have not been hearing about them. Now they are focusing on their women and all their content is about their women. Ooh, I bought my girlfriend a car, who cares?”

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