Presenter Ali has revealed that his manager was behind the threatening messages he send to former Kiss fm presenter Andrew Kibe.

Speaking to Mpasho’s Kalondu Musyimi, Ali said that his manager came up with the strategy since it was a good opportunity to make money.

    1. According to him, the replies were just bait they used to get Kibe’s attention so that he can respond to him in a way that will add value to his brand, which was done through music.

“When he mentioned me, I did not want to respond to him but my manager told me this is an opportunity for us to make money. He took my phone and he was the one replying to him. It is just like throwing maize at a hen, we wanted him to respond to the messages and just like that he went online and started insulting me and we were like this is it, he just got into our trap and once he did that, we wanted to find a unique way of responding to him. A way that I will retain my value as a brand, content creator without ruining my name,” the YouTuber said.

He however noted that he has no personal beef, with Kibe. Presenter Ali said that the song, titled Kibenten, was for entertainment and not a serious diss track.

“We just wanted to make the things that have been said about him online in a comic way. I can’t confirm if they are true or lies because I don’t know. The story of him being a ben 10, I first heard it through Eric Omondi and for me I took the whole idea,” he said.

Presenter Ali further confirmed that he has been going out with Kibe’s daughter, who was also featured in his Kibenten music video. He said that he is friends with her and that he did not use her for revenge

“We are just friends. She reached out to me and wanted to be my friend. We discussed a lot of things but they are personal. They however involve life but nothing about the relationship. Everything that you saw from the texts to the video was just us preparing you guys for the diss track because we already knew that we were going to release a video. So that was just promoting our song,” he said, adding that Kibe and his daughter are not on good terms.


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