Renowned internet prankster Nicki Bigfish, known for his viral and often comedy antics, found himself admitted in hospital after experiencing a significant spike in his blood pressure.

The unexpected health scare  prompted an outpouring of support from Kenyans online.

However, fans speculate  that the stress surrounding his father’s terminal illness could be the major cause for his blood pressure to flare up.

The 27-year-old social media sensation, whose real name is Nicholas Fisher took to his Instagram account  where he shared news of his hospitalization with his followers.

In his post, Fisher shared a photo from his hospital bed with a caption that read, “I’ve also been admitted my blood pressure went up.”


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Days before his hospitalization, the prankster  took to his social media and revealed that his father was suffering from a cancerous head tumor. He thanked those who were standing with him as he appealed for financial medical assistance.

As usual Kenyans flocked the comment section sending recovery wishes and requesting for a set bank account where they would send their contributions.

”This guy ametuchekesha let us make him laugh too his sad time’

”Sending my prayers bro ..God mbele” netizens commented.

The timing of both father and son’s hospitalizations has led to online discussions about the potential emotional toll that such a situation can have on members of the family.

Fisher’s management team has not yet released an official statement regarding the situation. Family members on the other hand have requested privacy during this time, as they focus on the recovery of their kin.

The incident serves as a reminder of the real-life challenges that   celebrities face.

The issue has sparked discussions about the importance of mental and physical well-being of individuals taking care of a terminally ill family member.

Base radio sends prayers to the family and wishes the two men quick recovery.


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