Pope Francis has  begged for a cease fire in Gaza during his mass at St Peter’s square in Rome.

The Holy father issued his plea with the  two waring nations after is Angelus prayer during the church mass. The prayer in question is done by catholics as a commemoration of the incarnation of christ.

The pope revealed that the ongoing conflict was a constant thought in his mind seeing that so many people had lost their lives before invocking the name of God to plead  for a cease fire.

“I continue to think about the serious situation in Palestine and in Israel where many people have lost their lives,I beg you in the name of God to stop” the Pope implored.

He expressed his hope in the exploration of  all the possibilities that can be implemented to stop the war so as to avoid the spread of the conflict.

The pope proceeded to ask for the release of the hostages  terming the situation in Gaza as very serious.

He also advocated for medical aid to be made avaialble to the wounded and for help to be taken to the war stricken zones.

“I hope all the possibilities are being explored so that a widening of the conflict is absolutely avoided, that the wounded can be helped, and that aid can reach Gaza, where the humanitarian situation is very serious, and that the hostages be immediately released.” the head of the catholic church stated.

The conflict between the two nations took a dangerous turn on 7,October,2023 after theHamas militants attacked Israel from the Gaza strip .

Israel authorities called it the deadliest attack ever witnessed and in return they bombarded Gaza killing more than 9,770 people  in an act of vengeance.

The war has became a matter of  international interest and has seen nations take sides.

It is heart warming to see the church playing its role in the society however, critics argue that the pope could have interverned sooner.

The world now waits to see if the pleas of the Pope will make a difference


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