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Francis Mungai, popularly known as Muma Pix has denied claims of being in a relationship with Jackie Matubia.

In an interview with YouTuber Commentator, Muma said that he has been friends with the mother of two for over three years.

According to him, Jackie Matubia is the one who pushed him to create content and that’s why they feature together in most videos.

“I don’t understand, this has been like three years now, I met Jackie in 2020/2021. One of my favourite clients we ended up being really good friends  so sijui mbona watu wanachachisa, hakuna kitu we are just working together. Hii story ya content ni yeye alikuwa ananipush sana nijaribu. It wasn’t something I was open to because naturally I am a very private person hata ukiangalia tu mtandao isipokuwa the reels, there is nothing else about me online,.

“So ni yeye alinipush kujaribu hii content, its something I enjoy doing and with her being a very good actress she has made me a better content creator so naturally I find myself doing a lot of content with her. Hii story ingine I don’t know why people are insinuating things and it has been like that all through sasa nashindwa mnataka niwaambbie mara ngapi,” the photographer said.

Muma added that he has been with Jackie before and after her relationship with Blessing Lungaho. He added that he is not aware of the issues that the actress had with Blessing because their relationship is only professional.

“We are just really good friends, we enjoy shooting content together. I was there before they were public with their relationship, I was there during the relationship and I am there even now sasa si am the constant. Mimi tu ni rafiki.

“Mambo yao mimi sijui, I can’t comment on their issues hio ni mambo yao, it should not interfere, whatever happens to her, that is her personal life, poeople need to understand that what we are doing is work. Yeye hukuja tunapiga shughuli anaenda kwake mimi naenda kwangu,” Muma Pix said.

Addressing his viral bed clip with Jackie, Muma Pix said that they were fully dressed and he further said that their content is relative and focuses normal occurrences.

“I find it interesting that people find a way to stretch such a simple skit into a whole thing but sasa nitafanya aje watu watafikiria vile wanataka,” he said.

Muma maintained that his closeness with Jackie was also not a problem with her Blessing.

“There is a lot of content that we ahve done together, the three of us, if ity was a problem ingekuwa imeonekana kitambo, but it isn’t a problem, its just content and people need to understand that even both of them are actors the minute you are shooting content you are playing a role that’s not me, that’s a role am playing online, ni character tu watu waache kuoverthink,” he said.


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