Popular female artist Jovial has dispelled claims of supporting her handsome boyfriend Mike financially.

In a live video on social media, the Jeraha hitmaker said that her man pays her bills that she sometimes feel ashamed.

According her money only belongs to her and she is being treated like a queen.

She further noted that people on social media are so judgmental on things they don’t know but she doesn’t give a damn on whatever they say.

“Pesa yangu ni yangu, we ni baby girl unafaa kutreatiwa kama baby girl. You are queen you need to be treated like a queen. Sijui ni nini watu wanaandika kwa huko kwa blogs. Na vile analipanga bills hadi nashikwa na aibu. I am an artist so I love good stuff. Naskia watu ati chale yake anafanya…Nigga has been paying bills. People are so judgemental on social media on things they don’t even know. I am not here to justify shit because it is not in my place whatever watu wanafikiria hio ni shauri yao mi naskia utamu, naenjoy look at my skin I am glowing,” the artist said.

Jovial introduced her boyfriend just days ago and it turns out that he is the ex-boyfriend of Lydia KM, a former presenter at Ebru TV. The two broke up in September last year.

A section of Netizens however claimed that Mike loved women with money so that they could finance his lifestyle.

“Tuseme huyu boy anapenda madem wakona na pesa ndio awekwe,” an Instagram user alluded.

In a recent interview, Jovial declined to reveal when she started dating Mike. She described him as a quiet and gentle man, adding that she is not aware of the person he was dating before her.

Responding to those who claim their relationship won’t last, Jovial said, “Ni mipango ya Mungu , yeye ndio anajua. That is not in our place, and I just hope people heal and stop projecting their insecurities on other people who have a pure hearts.”


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