Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA) has launched active investigations into Thogoto home care after  disturbing revelation of gross  Mistreatment of elderly persons.

In response to the BBC expose’, the church has promised to probe into the matter to ascertain allegations levelled against the caregivers of the Thogoto facility.

In a statement shared to the media, PCEA condemned the alleged acts of its caregivers saying the church does not and will not condone any inhuman treatment to people.

“As a church, we have learned from social media of the circulating information about Thogoto Home for the Aged. As a responsible church, we wish to state the following… We do not condone any unjust or inhumane treatment to any member of the society whether young or old and especially our senior members within the community,”read part of the statement.

The church further said it is working with the NCCK to ensure they conduct a comprehensive investigations, anyone who would be found guilty will be dealt with according to the law of the land.

We are working with the concerned parties on the ground and NCCK to ensure we do a thorough investigation and we shall release the full findings to the public in due course. Any misconduct will be dealt with according to our church procedures and in accordance to the law of the land,”the statement further read.

The church also assured netizens whose relatives are staying at Thogoto not to worry as their loved ones are in good hands.

” We need to make it very clear that those with aged members of their families housed at Thogoto Home for the Aged need not be alarmed as their family members are well and safe,”



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