Pastor Mackenzie

Drama has been witnessed in Malindi after controversial preacher Paul Makenzie got released by the Malindi law courts only to be rearrested moments later by the police.

A Malindi based magistrate had declined a request by the prosecution to hold the suspect for 90 days to allow uninterrupted investigation into his case.

However, pastor Mackenzie did not enjoy freedom for long as Police re-arrested him few moments later to face terrorism charges levelled against him at Shanzu high court in Kilifi County.

The other six suspects who were charged along Mackenzie were also unconditionally released by the Malindi court.

Mackenzie landed in trouble with the authorities when proceedings of his Shakaola farm were highlighted by the media. So far over 100 bodies have been exhumed from his 800 acre farm in Kilifi county.

Interior cabinet secretary professor Kithure Kindiki promised Kenyans that justice would be served to those who lost their family members at the hands of the controversial preacher. He further added government will see to it Mackenzie  be put behind bars for a long time.

“Those who urged others to fast and die were eating and drinking; telling people to fast and meet their creator while Jesus fed the hungry have a date with destiny. We expect Makenzi will not get out of jail for the rest of his life,” Stated Kindiki.










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