Popular Kenyan RnB singer and Songwriter Jacob Obunga aka Otile Brown says that mothers are his number one fans.

In a post on Instagram, Otile said that they however do not show up for his shows but their love for him is unmatched.

According to him, mothers have been his guardian angel since he joined the music industry after losing his mom at the age of 12. He further said that before he does anything, he thinks of how parents who are his fans will take his actions, adding that he needs their love.

“Moms never get to come to my shows but I always know they are my biggest fans  and how much they love bizee. Lost my mom at age 12 but since I came up in the game y’all have been my guardian angels. Before I act out or do something stupid I first think of how y’all mothers/fathers fans will perceive it. Always ain’t perfect but everyday I strive to earn y’all love. I need y’all love. It is the great feeling ever. My soul feeds from it. Thank you,” he said.

Otile lost both his parents at a tender age and that saw him sell alcohol to survive. He was even forced to drop out of school due to lack. Before his mother died, she expressed confidence that he will be okay.

“I am not worried about you, you will be okay,” his mother allegedly told him on her last moment.

Otile was born and raised in Mombasa but after he later relocated to Nairobi to chase his music career.

“The last born in a family of seven, I was born and brought up in Mombasa. After my parents’ death I was forced to sell traditional liquor to make ends meet. I was 12 then. I even dropped out of school owing to lack of fees. In 2013 I decided to relocate to Nairobi with the aim of establishing myself in the mature entertainment industry,” he said in a past interview with The Standard.



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