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Otile Brown has finally broken his silence after a young woman identified as Kach Girl expressed her undying love for him.

Kach Girl tattooed Otile’s name on her chest and even dedicated a love song to him. She was recently interviewed and she said that she is ready to do whatever Otile Brown wants even if it is giving him 10 children.  According to her, she has good qualities including being kind-hearted and Otile will surely love that.

“Otile Brown, Kach Girl anakupenda sana, nawezapika, nawezasafisha, nawezakufanyia everything yenye utataka. Sitaki unipee doh nataka tu unipende. I don’t need anything, sitafuti fame, nakupenda zaidi na zaidi. Nitafanya juu chini nikutafute nikupate,” she said in an interview with Mungai Eve TV

Aside from music, Kach girl said that she loves Otile Brown because he is humble and doesn’t have scandals like other artists. She started loving the artist while she was still in class 8.

The young girl added that she will not get tired looking for the artist until she gets his attention. She however noted that people had discouraged her saying that she is wasting her time and effort on the artist.

“Wengine walinitusi. Waliambia Otile Brown hawezi taka kienyeji kama wewe,”  Kach Girl disclosed.

While responding to that, Otile told her not to mind the naysayers adding that he appreciates her love.

“Don’t mind them @Kachgly you are amazing and I appreciate the love. Kienyeji hukuaga yenyewe. I will take you out for coffee after I return from my trip to London,” the artist wrote on his Insta storiues.

He proceeded to share a screenshot of his conversation with Kach Girl. In the screenshot, he told her that they will do a proper dinner date .


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