Stevo Simple Boy hopes for better reception and treatment for Kenyan artists after the nasty ordeal he encountered in Mombasa.

Apparently Stevo Simple Boy through his management MIB , revealed that the artist was mistreated by SoFire Fiest event organizers.

These in return,made the artist not to peform as expected by his fans, an incident to which Stevo is sorry about.

Stevo had demanded to be paid before performing but it was not welcomed by the organizers.

“MIB management takes this initiative to publicly apologize to Stevo Simple Boy’s fans who showed up for the event that was dubbed Sofire Fiesta,Stevo Simple Boy could not perform last night as earlier agreed because Sofire Ent refused to honor the agreement by paying the artist before he went on stage. For this reason, we did not see the need of having our artist on stage just to fulfill the organizer’s selfish needs.” A statement from his management reads.

Stevo Simple Boy also decried the fact that he was locked in a hotel room since he did not perform yet he was not paid.

“Tunajaribu Sana kama wasani ila wakenya wenzetu ndo wanatudhulumu tulifungiwa hotelini @kiluaresort kwa sababu tumekataa kuperfom bila kulipwa na kampuni ya @sofire_fiesta Ni tendo ambalo limenifika kooni kama Msanii na imenikataa moyo Sana ila sikati tamaa kabisa ntazidii kupambana na nawapenda sana wakenya wanao ni support.”

Where was Eric Omondi when all these was happening?

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