Comedian Oga Obinna has bought himself a new car to celebrate his 33rd birthday.

The former Kiss FM presenter publicised the information thorough his Instagram account saying he bought the car, a Volkswagen Touareg, just to appreciate himself.

“Double 3 looks good on ME!! Happy Birthday to ME!. I’ve gotten myself this small gift to appreciate MYSELF. I’m one of the rare people who don’t know how to QUIT. Always calm, but alert. Relaxed, but ready. Smooth, but sharp.  Every next level of MY LIFE will demand a different version of ME. Now it’s Obinna 3.0 aka Oga@DTop. 33 HERE WE GO! I’m Ready. Happy birthday, Oga@Dtop. Top G,” the father of four said.

He further told Kenyan men to hide their women since after being blessed he was going to bless someone else as well.

“Hide your women, you better hide your woman, because when God blesses me I also want to bless other people and am about to bless your woman,” Obinna joked.

Jalang’o and his friend 2mbili are some of the celebrities that celebrated him.

“Wanaume mnatoa wapi pesa bila kazi … Anyway Happy Birthday 3Tatu,” 2mbili said as Jalang’o told him, “Happy birthday young King!”


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Here are the photos of his new car;


Obinna has not landed any known job after leaving Kiss FM in April. Currently, he has been focusing on creating content on his YouTube channel and influencing on social media.

He was recently willing to offer Machachari actor Baha a job after he was exposed as a scammer. He pitied Baha asking people to be kind to him.

“Baha I have a job for you, I have messed you up on Instagram, (people tell Baha to look for me) so that we can try and remedy the situation temporarily as we plan for bigger and better things. So I have a job for you Baha, reach out to me so that I can give you a job that will help take care of a few bills as we wait for bigger things. And if there is any other person who has a job, let’s reach out to him, he has the numbers and he can deliver. Boy Child for Boychild. Let’s try and reach out to Baha and others, who may be going through something,” he said.


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