Renowned Kiss FM radio presenter Oga Obinna recently lost custody of his two daughters, Ada and Lola, to his baby mama identified as Lilian.

Speaking about the matter, Obinna said that he had already granted his baby mama, who works as a clearing and forwarding agent, her wish of staying with the children before the court’s ruling.

He said that he has been spending time with his children during weekends but has always taken care of their needs fully.

“She has always been staying with them. It is the same thing. I see them on Friday until Sunday. She has them on Sunday night until Friday when they are going to school and I am paying the school fees. I am providing the uniform, medical, clothing. When they are at her place she provides the meals for them. It’s the same thing that has been happening,” he said in an interview with YouTube content creators.

Obinna however noted that he will never ask the baby mama for the kids and will only spend time with them when she drops them at his place because he does not want trouble.

“I will still play with my kids, spend time with them, when they are brought. If they are not brought, I will never ask for them. I don’t want issues with anybody,” he said.

The Comedian also noted that he has in good terms with his other two baby mamas and they allow him to access his children whenever he wants as long as he doesn’t interfere with their school program.

He further urged those co-parenting to stop blocking their former partners from seeing their children.

The custody ruling came after Obinna and Lilian engaged in an ugly online spat last year, with Lilian claiming that Obinna wanted to  forcefully take the children away from her. Obinna on the other hand accused her of mistreating the girls and even shared videos as evidence.

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