Controversial TikToker Rose Atieno, alias Nyako has said that she will be observing decency on social media.

Nyako made a U-turn on being vulgar online because she is now a brand ambassador and she desires to work with more brands.

“Right now I am going to work with Obinna officially as my manager and I definitely have to filter what I say online  because as a brand ambassador no one wants to get related to vulgar. As much as we are open, we are open in Europe, in Kenya we are still reserved,” she told digital reporters as she embarked on a journey to Europe.

The TikToker is currently working with Emmaus properties and she revealed that they will be paying her Kshs600,000 monthly.

Asked on how she was able to seal deal with Obinna,  Nyako said that that was agreed during an interview.

“Actually I don’t know where he heard of me . He just invited me for interview and I went and the vibe was vibing, aki tunaelewana vizuri,’ Nyako said.

At the same time, she said that she has no grudge with Andrew Kibve but he knows that she is no joke. According to her, Andrew Kibe wanted to trend using her name.

“Andrew Kibe hasn’t reached to me, anajua mimi ni moto ya kuotea mbali. We are not having grudge with Andrew Kibe. Andrew Kibe is a content creator looking for followers. Anataka kutrend na anajua mtu anatrend sahi ni nyako  so he was just looking for content so that I could hit back and he could trend, ni biashara hakuna  kitu ingine,” Nyako said.


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