The Ministry of Education has revealed that the initial Academic Calendar that was being observed till the outbreak of Covid 19 in 2020 will resume from January 2023.

“As you are aware, the school calendar was disrupted due to COVID-19 pandemic, however the calendar will revert back normally in January 2023,” reads a statement from the Ministry of Education.

The first term for pre-primary and secondary schools will run for 13 weeks commencing on 23rd January 2023 to April 21st which has been selected as the closing date.

According to a statement from the office of the Principal Secretary for Education that outlined the 2023 calendar the first term will have three day half term break from March 23rd to March2 26th.

The second term will also run for 13 weeks begining May 8,2023 to August 11,2023 and have three day half time break , finally third term will run for 10 weeks begining August 23,2023 to November 9,2023.

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