The late Instagram model Shan Wanita who passed away early this month is yet to find her rest in paradise as her mother takes relatives to court so that she can have her daughter’s body exhumed.

Wanita’s body was secretly taken from Umash funeral home without her mother’s consent. She stated that her daughter’s parternal relatives had taken and buried her only child without involving her in any of the send-off plans.

Speaking to interviewers, the bereaved mother narrated  the bond they shared owing to the fact she had given birth to Wanita when she was 16 years old.

She stated  that she wanted her daughter’s body exhumed so that she could give her a decent sendoff before adding that payments had already been made through her lawyers and that she was hopeful for positive feedback from the court by Monday next week.

”I’ve filed for the order through the lawyers by Monday God willing. I got Shan when I was 16 years from 2, nilidropshule nikalea Shan. Shan, she was like my sister. It’s very painful, I haven’t seen even the body. I just allow people, I just allow the whole world, I just allow the court. Since I presented my papers today, by Monday update haki like Shan ata none sura yake vile anakaa, niaccept mtoto wangu hayuko kwa hii dunia,” said the devastated mother

Wanita’s mother then pleaded with Kenyans to help her raise funds to give the beautiful model a befitting burial.

“Mi nataka tuu mnisaidie sendoff ya Shan, Shan alikua shabiki ya watu wengi, Shan alikua sha…. Yaani, Shan was favorite mtu wa watu, since burial imefanywa mara mbili, mi nataka send off mi mamayake  nimnunulie coffin yake ata mimi nifeel mtoto wangu ata ameenda nimemnunulia coffin, nimemnunulia nguo kama mama yake . Coz im not comfportable ata nikiinia kwa nyumba naona tu ni maghost. Kama nisipo ona Shan naona tu kama ni ghost zinanifuata im not comfort… I’m not okay yes because I will never sleep. Sitalala ka Shan…. kama saii naingia kwa nyumba naona ni kama yeye nimeona coz I was not given time to mourn my baby even to see the body yes… so waliharakisha matana of which I was not impressed yeah,” Shan’s mom added

Wanita lost her life after a road trip to Mombasa with friends turned tragic.She died at the young age of 21 years.








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