Kenyan comedian Timothy Kimani alias Njugush is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the state of the nation.

Njugush on Tuesday morning expressed his opinion after thousands of former National Youth Service(NYS) officers flocked  the Embakasi Garrison,  after a Sunday announcement that the government had set aside 350 slots for NYS officers in the just concluded Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) recruitment.

The entertainer took to his Instagram account where he shared images depicting thousands of people spilling across the main highway during the recruitment exercise.

The father of two, then launched an attack against the issue of unemployment terming it as a ticking time bomb. He observed that the thousands who turned up for the recruitment only showed a small fraction of the youth who are not employed.

”Ticking Time bomb!! These are EX NYS youth, Not the whole country. Not all University Graduates, Not form leavers, Not class 8 leavers. No one is speaking about employment especially for the youth, and when they do wanasema you self employ yourself then unatandikwa na taxes vizuuuri also business running in this country needs a magician…wue” he observed.

The ”Through thick and thin” superstar then directed his attack towards politicians and Electorates in Kenya.

”But wait until its almost Elections all over sudden vijana tutawaangalia. Hii kwanza lets forget kabisaaa Shida iko wapi is it how we vote, who we vote or even do we actually vote or should we know our goose is cooked and create our own systems and structures or tuchimbe kisima tuingie wenyewe? Ebu tuongee kidogo” he stated.


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Kenyans online stepped into his comment section armed with opinions on the causes and solutions of  the high rate of unemployment and the rising cost of living.

”I blame on 844 education system, it has messed out country bigtime”

”Kenyans need to understand that politicians are civil servants. They work for the people and if they don’t deliver you should “fire” them come next election. They are not ” mheshimiwa” .They are paid off of our taxes” Kenyans commented


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