Samidoh the popular Mugithi maestro has seemingly confirmed his breakup with nominated senator Karen Nyamu after five years of love, drama and two children.

The singer made commentaries during a live engagement on Instagram where he was conversing with his male friends.

He hilariously stated that he had abruptly gone from being a polygamous man to being single and searching.

”Juzi tu nilikua a polygamous man sasa niko single.” the father of five stated amid bursts of laughter from his friends.

Netizens took the artist’s commentary as a confirmation message that he was no longer romantically involved with the senator.

Samidoh has been sending signals to indicate that the relationship went sour especially through responding to comments under his post by netizens.

He has recently made headlines online after telling off a fan who claimed that the musician was a ”kept” man who relied on Nyamu for financial help. The superstar fired back announcing that he had already left her home and advised other men to try their luck.

Just yesterday Evening, the artist made some comments which many interpreted as a jab thrown towards the senator.

A fan had asked why the musician did not reciprocate the love given to him by Nyamu accusing Samidoh of using Nyamu’s political influence as stepping stone to his.

The Mugithi star fired back stating that Nyamu would have to go find the political support in the first place as she did not have it yet.

It was no surprise then that the netizen’s took his remarks as the last nail on the coffin as proof  that there was definitely trouble in paradise.

Nyamu has been extra silent on the matter as she has not addressed it neither has she spoke about the comments from Samidoh that are now trending online.









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