Controversial Apostle of Jesus Is Coming Healing and Deliverance Church, Jeremiah Kioko, has caused a buzz on social media after cautioning members of his church against celebrating Valentines which was marked on February 14.

In a short clip shared on YouTube channel, Kioko said that Valentines is non-Christian and is a celebration of sinners which was invented by a prostitute from America.

He warned his congregants against donning red outfits on the day and asked them to pray so that God can lock them in their homes.

“Wachana na hio takataka mnaita valentines. Usihusike kwa hio takataka. Narudia tena usihusike kwa hio takataka. It is not a Christian celebration. Hio ni sherehe ya wenye dhambi, washerati na wakora. Nikuone tarehe 14 umevaa nguo ya red. Enda uangalie nani alianzisha hio mnaiita valentine. Ilianzishwa na kahaba ndio sababu unaona hata condoms zinapeanwa free,” he said.

The preacher further condemned pastors who were excited about the day and were urging their congregants to spread love during the celebrations.

Kioko noted that said  those celebrating Valentines are the reason why the world is hit by calamities such as earthquakes.

He urged married couples not to engage in the celebrations since they love each other non-stop from January to December.

He added that he would spent the day praying in the mountain so that the spirit of Valentines does not catch up with his faithfuls.

“I thank God that I will be in the mountain praying that anybody I lay my hand on today will not be followed by the Valentines spirit. I know that you celebrated before but you won’t this time,” the apostle said

According to him, it would have been okay if the love was spread by sharing with the disabled and poor food and other basic needs.

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