Dantez 254 one of the young artists who made raving live’s for Kenyans  happy with his hit song Alaa seems to have not seen light despite walking through the tunnel.

Dantez whose official name is Daniel Simiyu has revealed a series of unfortunate events that have been going on in his life which have resulted to him call music quits.

Speaking during a an interview with a  local tv Station Dantez stated that since is contract Maliza Umasikini came to an end he has bee lavishing in utter poverty.

“After the contract my life has been miserable I had to defer my studies, at the same time my music dream was shattered.

He also regretted these noting that he has tried multiple times to reach out to artists but no one is responding.

“”As much as I have worked with all these artistes, thanks so much kwenyu, but right now nikipiga simu no one is answering coz they were use to dealing with my manager. said Dantez

He further revealed that he aspires to be a teacher and he loves music so much but his passion for the art is about to be shuttered

”Niko tuu nimeona days ya music imeisha, I feel so useless and I can be a teacher.

I can teach somebody’s son or daughter mi nitakuwa mwalimu napenda kusoma sana I can be a great singer in future but then right now this is the situation, a dream is about to be shuttered “

The artist lamented the fact that despite being talented and booming at a young age, his life has been dwindling ever since instead of progressing.

From the proceeds of his music Dantez used to sustain his mother but as things are he is not of any help to the old lady anymore

 “Right now my mother has gone back to her own mothers home tunapitia shida kabisa” he stated.

A week ago MC Jessy, politician cum Comedian revealed the plans of the government in empowering local artist noting that he hopes that during president William Ruto’s tenure no artist will be begging in the streets or suffering yet they have talent.

“Mimi siko vizuri, maisha yangu mbaya I am going through hell, next week ungeona pay bill kwa Instagram yangu on my demise. Niko depressed mbaya sana, and there is nobody tot ell out there. ” Dantez painfully said.


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