The African popstar Nadia Mukami has cracked her fans after hilariously captioning her photo with her fiance Arrow Bwoy.

In the photo, Arrow Bwoy was busy on his phone while Nadia looked at him suspiciously..

The mother of one went ahead and urged women to keep off her man’s DMs.

“Nipe caption. Ni kama Arrow Bwoy ameona tako. Hii imeenda, ladies keep off my baby boy’s DM,” Nadia said.

Reacting to her post, an Instagram user questioned whether Arrow Bwoy had found a woman who is taller than Nadia.

“@maurinekayna Wah hii haina comeback 😂😂😂😂 sisi wafupi ndio tuko,” the artist responded to the commented.
Another fan suggested that huge fake butts were destroying people’s marriages. In yet another comment, Arrow Bwoy agreed with a fan that phones were ruining relationships.
“Simu ni sumu,” he said.
The two lovebirds had parted ways in December and only re-united this year shortly before their son’s first birthday. According to Arrow Bwoy, the two were going through a difficult time when Nadia announced that they were no longer together.

“We have not broken up…ni mambo tu huchemka kwa relationship na ikichemka peaneni nafasi msipigane (Sometimes temperatures rise and when they do it is good to give each other space). Tulikuwa tumekosana vibaya sana. As far as I know, Nadia ni mama ya mtoto wangu na mpenzi wangu (We had a very huge fight but Nadia is the mother of my children and my partner),” the father of one said in an interview in March this year.


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