Curvy socialite Risper faith who has been on the spot  for photoshopping has this morning given a woman to woman advice to her female fans.

Risper who apparently has been married for 6 years revealed that all these years in marriage have taught her a lot and embrace and other women need to embrace a few of the things she does.

She pointed out submission as one of the reasons as to why many marriages don’t last.

“We do not submit. Mimi huko nje najulikana kama Risper Faith, celebrity but nikifika kwa mlango, I am mama Ryan, bibi ya Brian.” She said before adding that she never lets her house girl cook for her husband.

”I go to the kitchen, I cook food for my husband. I don’t let auntie cook food for my husband. Submit. Hawa wanaume nikama watoto wanataka uwatreat vizuri and then they will give you anything you want,”

Risper Faith further decried the fact that most women are losing their womanly values by drinking and engaging in robbery which makes them less attractive.

”Sisi wanawake siku hizi tunakunywa kama wanaume. Sisi ni muguzzler. Ukifika kwa club, msichana ameshika bottle na unataka kuniambia wanaume watakurespect?.”

”Umeona mama yako akikunywa hivyo? Wachia pombe wanaume, why are we drinking like men? The older I get nacome to realise vitu zingine are just uneccessary. That’s why you’re not getting men,” she added.

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