Akothee and Nelly Oaks have lately been seen accompanying each other which has swirled rumours of a rekindled relationship.

Claims that the duo have reunited have also been attributed to Akothee’s break up with Omosh and Nelly oaks is now being labeled as the rebound guy.

The Mother of five has a long  history with the media shy Nelly oaks Akothee and at one time she even narrated how he rescued her  from drowning in a tub in Weston hotel.

Speculations of them being an item again began when the two-some posted pictures of themselves enjoying the weekend together.

A section of netizens have quipped that Nelly Oaks is being used as a distraction for Akothee as she is still reeling from her alleged separation with Omosh.

“Isikue unatumia Nelly Oaks kuheal alafu kidogo kidogo uanze kupost mkono ya mzungu” a netizen said.

“Iyo ni heartbreak inakusmbua najua inauma utatumia tu”  read a comment.

“sijui mbona wanaume hatupendi ndo hukuwa readily available for us” another fan said

“Nelly is a rebound guy, used for healing” yet another netizen commented

“Nelly Hawks just a heart repair mechanic , just like me i do heal tsisambusas” said a Facebook user.

Currently there has been no official information on whether Omosh and Akothee have separated and how Nelly Oaks fits into the picture of all of this still remains unclear.

Akothee has been candid on how Nelly Oaks has always stood up for him when she was in emotional turmoil which has branded them as an inseparable. The two were together for 8 years before their separation in 2022. Despite the break up Akothee maintained that Nelly Oaks was always there for her during harsh times in her life.

The singer has also noted in the past when got married to Omosh that their last friendship did not affect her marriage.









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