Musician-cum-entrepreneur  Akothee gave a stern reply to a follower  who inquired why she no longer wears her wedding ring.

The netizen, identified as Janet William, sarcastically posed the question, saying it was directed to wives on Instagram. The Instagram user made the comment in a post on that Akothee had shared whereby she was dining on an assortment of a sumptuous food while she had dark glasses on.

“Kwani Akothee alitoa pete ya ndoa ? Nauliza wake za Insta” Janet  asked.

Akothee was clearly pissed off by the query judging from her response.

“Ndiyo nilitoa, piga simu kwa polisi na uvae yako,” she replied to the Janet.

However a close look into the video reveals that she had on two rings on her left hand but it is not clear whether either of them was the one that Omosh, her husband, put on her finger on their wedding day.

Other Instagram users also taunted the artist with questions about Omosh.

“Siku izi huongei stori za Omu-husband? Tumemmiss,” an online user wrote.

Akothee responded “Nenda Umoe ili usije Ukamkosa,” she said.

Akothee Married her Denis Shweizer alias Omosh on  April 10 this year.

Speculations have been rife that their is falling apart which has elicited a lot of questions on whether she is still together with Omosh.

The recent scrutiny on her marriage has however been fuelled by the fact that she posts about her caucasian husband less, and she even recently removed their wedding photo as the profile picture for her Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The wedding photo was replaced by the one that was taken during the marketing of Skyward express airline, a company that recently endorsed her as a brand ambassador. Additionally, she has not been seen lately with her hubby Omosh.

In the last few months since they officiated their marriage with Omosh, the mother of five  has been silent on the status of the union which has led many especially internet sleuths to draw suspicions that  there might be  trouble in paradise but Akothee is not willing to spill the beans on the same.




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