Nuru Okanga, a staunch supporter of ODM leader Raila Odinga, is trending on social media after he was allegedly detained in a hospital.

Nuru is said to have been detained in a hospital in Kayole after he failed to pay a Kshs6,350 bill. It is also claimed that the ODM follower was hospitalized after the Azimio’s protests that were witnessed on Monday this week.

Following the reports, former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko offered to clear the bill and also pay a one year medical cover for Nuru and his family.

“Share his wife’s number. I send her M-Pesa to clear the hospital’s bill plus do a month’s shopping for the family. I also want to pay for him and his children one year medical cover ndio aache kutumika vibaya,” Sonko said on Twitter.

Nuru has however turned the offer saying that it will paint Raila negatively. Speaking to  a local website, he told Sonko to pay rent for homeless Kenyans who spend nights at Jacaranda Grounds.

“Hakuna mtu niliambia nimelemewa kulipa hopitali. Mambo ya Sonko sitaki. Angekuwa mzuri angenisaidia wakati nyumba yangu iliungua sahii anatotokea juu ya e;lfu sita. Mimi Sitaki ndio waanze kusema Raila hajanisaidia UDA ndio wamenisaidia.Kuna watu pale Jacaranda wanalala kwa kiwanja hio pesa walipie rent,” he told Tuko News.

He also confirmed that he was hospitalized on Tuesday after being diagnosed with Malaria.



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