Controversial podcaster Andrew Kibe has hit back at Bahati’s wife Diana Marua after she referred to him as poor.

In a YouTube video titled, ‘Naskia Shosh Ananitafuta’, Kibe claimed that Diana was just trying to get his attention using a shaming language.

Kibe however said as long as he is contented, it doesn’t matter whether he is broke or not.

“Shosh went and said that I am broke. She said why is Andrew Kibe insulting me and the way he is broke. This is now a shaming language. Shosh went out there and she is trying to get my attention by telling me that I am broke. Doesn’t matter, if you have money or don’t have money, as long as you are content,” the former radio host said.

He revealed that he has minimized his life and doesn’t care about the future just like a mad man.

“Have you seen a mad man? Do he look stressed? He doesn’t have rent to pay, he doesn’t where his next meal is coming from. He doesn’t take a shower. Doesn’t need to comb his hair, doesn’t care about anything so you you want me to start caring about things. I have reduced my cares to zero. There is no shamba that I need a loan for. My needs are very little. I have reduced my life to me and playing pool. That is all I do, play pool sleep, eat, drink, being broke or not is something tell someone so what?” Kibe said.

Kibe asked Diana to take her post to the bank and get the money it brought. He claimed that Diana was about to release a song and went ahead to brag about his Mercedes S550, proving that he is not as miserable as Diana thought.

“S550 is no joke, whether broke or not. Oh she is about to release a song. Those horrible songs of hers,” he said.


While calling Kibe poor, Diana also said that he has no career without mentioning him.


  • Mm


    Manze Kinuthia unatuambia ukweli na vile many of us can’t handle the truth..
    Moving on swiftly nikatafute pesa🙆‍♂️

  • nancynice Austynes


    l don’t think that was a nice language to use as a mature woman, and out of nowhere calling a person names or there is some personal issues than this as fun of both of you l really don’t know why calling each other names but still didn’t agree with that word sounded very bad.

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