Popular reggae and dancehall MC John Maina, stage name MC Fullstop, is grateful for all those who have shown him support as he battles a deadly health condition.

The MC who has now given up on his health says he is only left with one lung.

According to him, he contracted lung TB in 2021 which has completely destroyed the other lung.

“Hii imeenda” literally. My left lung has totally collapsed nimebaki na moja. In 2021 I was diagnosed with TB ya lungs ikasosi lungs kabisa,” he shared on his social media channels.

As if that was not enough, the MC contracted throat TB last year that has paralyzed his physical activities.

“2022 nikapata TB ya throat nayo ikanimaliza sauti, Running, walking, kuongea ni shida. Alafu lungs zina lungs ufala unlike Liver, haiwezi ji heal itabidi nijipange hapa naona niki hang boots. I just wanna say thanks kwa wale wamekuwa wakinisupport in this difficult moments God awa bless tu sana,” MC Full stop said.

Fullstop was forced to cancel an event in Nakuru last week after he was admitted in hospital.

“Nakuru, I deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause,” he said on Instagram.


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  • Cherono


    Dony give up on life my mum hanged on with one lung for 40 years be stronh thougj i knw it’s hard bt God up there won’t forsake u

  • Rukie


    Am feeling your pain I was also diagonized and treated for pulmonary TB three times , my lungs are full of scars and they keep on widening day by day I get frequent pneumonia, recently I was diagonized with another lung condition called Emphysema, it causes breathing difficulty, persistant cough and reccurent pneumonia, am managing myself well, don’t give up keep on fighting, may God’s healing be your portion.

  • Beatrice Bwonda


    Praying for you my best reggae Mc,,,,🙏the way l love your reggae vibes, especially that one of the Caribbean….l listen to it daily after work……….Get well bro🙏

  • Tairus


    Ouick recovery soldier🙏

  • Peninah mwende kisuna


    Get well soon Mc full stop♥️

  • Drew


    Heal soon fullstop

  • David


    The best MC who ever lived. Kila kitu itakua poa. Big up fullstop

  • Joel


    Utapona fullstop,relax,Sir Jah hukua rada siku zote.

  • Mike mreggea


    Bro am really really sorry …..God is with you…….and don’t give up…….

  • Karis


    Quick recovery Mc Full Stop, jah will never leave you by the way side. Utapona🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Sammy


    May God help you and heal you, nothing is heard or impossible with Him.

  • Borniface ndungu


    God above all he makes a way where seems to be no way bro

  • Jane kyalo


    What looks impossible to human being is possible to God.Never loose hope

  • Morris Muthamia


    😭Bro, I feel the pain…. imeniuma tu sana aki, wish I had an alternative of saving you champy bt remember jah is with you🙏 you’ll not hung the boots..

  • Julie


    You still have chance to live maina dont give up at all

  • Miky mreggea


    Quick recovery 🙏 Ninja 😔

  • Esther


    I may not know you but your words are really touching. I pray that God does the unimaginable in your life despite your condition. May you live to be a testimony to others.

  • Mose


    Healing is your portion and don’t give up ,,God is the great physician put your trust in Him

  • samson lanyor


    Remember, you always advise us not to give up whatever the situation!! Thus, becoming a role model. Now its payback time and I encourage you not to give up bro. Tell the Almighty something….Qr soldier.

  • Esther Wanjiru Nyawira


    It hard & tough to see what pain you are going thru but GOD ABOVE ALL has the answers…..your mixes will live to REIGN …..MC FULLSTOP…THE NINJA….SPIDERMAN…..JOHN MAINA…
    QR recovery……tunakutambua manze big up 👊👊👊👊

  • Beth


    May God please heal him

  • Patixo xenon


    Jamani usigive up God Ni msoo xana hawezi kusahau legend

  • Zack


    Cheki! cheki! cheki!.. SEMA awauh,, SEMA awouh.. ninja Kama unamwamini mkono juu”🖐️🖐️🖐️🖐️ na uamini utapona we miss you dearly.. bigup ninja

  • Ericko


    Fast healing NINJA,,,don give up,,,Jah bless🙌

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