Controversial dancehall artist KRG The Don has finally introduced his mother to the world.

KRG brought his mother to the limelight  by sharing a video of their conversation saying that he respects her so much.

In the video, he tells her that he is working hard unlike other youths who disturb their parents.

“Mum mi naenda kukutana na msanii mwingine rafiki yangu. Iko mziki tunatoa sahi najua nimechoka lakini nitapumzika baadaye. Wacha mi niende nitie bidii sitaki kuwa kama hawa vijana wengine wanazungukazunguka huku wakisumbua wazazi wao wacha mi nikuogope, nikuheshimu na nikuwe star wako kabisa nichokeshe maadui,” the father of four said.

KRG further asked his mother to pray for him. He said that it is her prayers that are making him successful although his enemies think that he is in a secret group

“We niombee wacha waseme mi ni illuminati lakini mi najua ni maombi yako inafanya kazi. Niombee tu nitoe song hio ingine Mi nitapanga nitawachokesha miaka 650, mambo imechemka!” the artist said as he bid his mother bye.


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This comes barely days after he revealed the woman behind his wealth. According to him, he inherited his millions from his grandmother despite the fact that he made his first million at the age of 17.

“I inherited all my grandparents’ wealth. My grandmother gave my mother her blessings and told her that the child that would be born after her death would inherit all her wealth,” KRG said in an interview.

Aside from the inheritance he also runs other businesses including a Club,  a tour and travel company as well supplying sand and ballast. He said that he landed a tender to supply the materials during the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway. The project further increased his wealth.



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