Edday Nderitu, the dynamic fashion icon, has been on an intriguing style journey ever since she crossed borders to US. Her ever-evolving sense of fashion has captivated her fan base, who now find themselves awestruck by her recent captivating appearance.

Known for her striking beauty, the mother of three has been garnering praise from fans who are awestruck by her stunning new look.

A recent post on her social media showcased Edday in all her glory, standing on a terrace with an infectious smile. Her hand delicately rested on her stomach, while the other held onto the railing, symbolizing her newfound balance and determination.

“You only live once but if you do it right once is enough,have a blessed week ahead,” she captioned the photo.

Edday’s followers couldn’t contain their excitement, and their reactions poured in;

Patricia Muregi Mbogo expressed her admiration, saying, “My woman. I like when you keep smiling.”

Tina Karley James chimed in, “Aaaaa mama uko mwaaah I love it,” showing genuine love and support.

Waruguru White celebrated her beauty, exclaiming, “Gorgeous woman. Love the dress.”

Even Pst Beth Kephas couldn’t resist joining in, humorously noting, “The Yuwes is Yuwesing….glowing by day, kumbe pia hata weather ya Kenya is to blame… blessings upon you.”

Below are more comments from the post;

“Mzungu akiona hii analose focus.”

“Now ths kind of dress you are supposed to wear eddah looking gorgeous.”

“Eish our own Edday anatukunywa tu.”


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