YY the popular Kenyan comedian has caused a debate online after he came out to defend the men during a recent talk with his girfriend  the popular actress Marya akoth.

The comedian stated that the men in the country were suffering  and that they were still being held to medevial expectations whereby a person of the male descent is not allowed to cry no matter the magnitude of pain.

”Wanaume wanaumia. A man cannot even cry. A man can’t be heartbroken. If you are heartbroken it’s bad.” He stated.

YY explained that the society is unfair since it is not acceptable for the man to move on but women get lauded for the same thing.

He further added that  women occasionally use the child to punish the man after the relation has gone sour.

”When a woman moves on its okey. Ukiachawa achika, women will tell the man but when its the other way round when a woman is left wakiwa na mtoto the child is used against the man.” he stated.

The father of one alledged that only 2% of deadbeat cases funded by women were true stating that the rest represented women who were pushing for their own  selfish interests.

”A lot of deadbeat cases funded by women i will tell you only 2% are right. 98% are women who are trying to express their.. how can i call it it selfish interest. If you are not going to be with me, I am not going to give you the child.” he explained.

YY defended the men stating that when they came forward with abuse stories or stories on how their former lovers have limited access to their children, the society is quick to blame them for their predicament.

”Even today mwanume akuje aseme mimi nimetry kuona mtoto wangu manze siezi muona what will women say, there must have been something you did for her to do that. So according to the majority of women, is that women are saints that mwanaume akigo through something there must have been something they did to deserve that.” the comedian explained.




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