Christmas is almost here and everyone is happy about it, but the question is: must you travel all the way to Shags?

For a second I thought that maybe if we don’t travel home for Christmas the date ,name of the day will change ,maybe yes or maybe no.

This is why I still do not understand the rush that comes with Christmas , its just a day like any other 24hrs and apart from Christians commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, I tend to believe that Christmas day has some magic on individuals.

Occasionally employers get good and pay their employees early ,some even go to the extend of giving them an advance which is a good thing.

This is all because of Christmas, yes its good to celebrate and make merry ,but do we look at the future?

Christmas has magic because this is the time when food prices go higher than usual and our appetites too.

When you take a look at the bus stops and booking offices right now you might think there is an out break of humans and their destination is the village and nothing will stop them till they get there.

Is it because of love or is just a norm that we must travel to home at the end of the year.

How about you convert your to and from fare into goodies and send home, or must you go home?

Individuals eat and overspend and in return hate January.

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