Radio presenter and comedian David Oyando alias Mulamwah has  left many wondering how big his pocket is following his confession about how much he has pumped into his house that is yet to be completed.

Speaking to podcaster Tony Mwirigi, Mulamwah has revealed that so far  he has spent 4.9 million Kenyan shillings in the construction costs of his mansion in Kitale.

This money is enough to reduce the huge debt burden in Kenya ,however to the comedian it is fairly an affordable amount  since he doesn’t look he’s straining ad the construction of the mansion is ongoing.

”Ni pesa poa ni mingi na ni kidogo dependng ni nani anaskiza so ni aroung 4.9 hapo.”

He however faulted the dear price to the fluctuating vale of the dollar which has apparently resulted to an increase in commodity prices.

” Ni expensive sana alafu dolar ilienda juu chuma zilipanda simiti zilipanda hata baada ya Corona kuondokea” Mulamwah noted.


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During the interview the handsome man also raveled that that since the beginning of the year he ahs done 8 comic  shows and he chargers every gig differently depending on its magnitude.


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