Comedian Mulamwah and his bestie-cum girlfriend Ruth K have finally announced that they are expecting a child.

The couple took to social media to share a photo of Ruth’s baby bump shoot.

In the photo, Ruth was donning a satin orange dress with a see me through top, showcasing her growing bump.

“Bestie, God did,” Mulamwah captioned the photo he shared.

Ruth on the other hand noted that the fruit of her womb was as a result of love. She said that she could not wait to meet the young one, whom she already loves so much.


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“First came love, love created a new life a blessing that fills us with joy and delight. Creating life is the best feeling. You are already loved can’t wait to meet you,” Ruth said on the other hand.

This comes weeks after Mulamwah playing low whenever he was asked about Ruth being pregnant.

In one occasion, he said Ruth’s pregnancy does not concern him as it is a matter between her and her boyfriend. He also said that he would ask her if it was true that she was expecting, maintaining that she is only a friend to her.

Later, the comedian seemingly confirmed the pregnancy by claiming that Ruth was vomiting on a daily basis especially during mornings.

In late October, the couple held a traditional ceremony, whereby Mulamwah officially visited Ruth’s parents in their rural home.

“I just went to visit but bestie’s place because she visited our home. I went at their place as a friend but they overreacted. I arrived and was shocked, they had cooked, set up tents and it became a big ceremony. I didn’t expect it to be that big. When you go to a place you have never been, you can’t go with everyone because it’s your first time. Once you arrive and see that it is a nice place then you can invite people next time, if there will be,” he said, explaining why his celebrity colleagues were missing at the event.

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