Raila Odinga’s youngest daughter Winnie has once again proved that she is one of the GOATs when it comes to freestyle rapping.

The 33-year old met with rapper Breeder LW on Friday and what the duo showcased left fans begging for more.

Winnie took the stage rapping in English while Breeder chose to engage in Swahili.

“Freestyle Friday with my twin brother,” she captioned their photos and videos.

Watch the video of Winnoe showcasing her rap skills here

The video elicited different reactions from her fans and followers as quoted below.

“Na isiishie hapo…muingie adi studio.”

“Wewe umelalia talent.”

“That rap from Winnie Odinga is out of this world. Noma sana.”

In June last year the EALA MP left Kenyans talking after she challenged Femi One to a rapping battle.

Winnie  vowed to beat Femi One but she admitted that she is one of the best rappers that the country has.

“Aaahh I challenge her to a rap off, I’ll do a cycle with her. I will wash her I am talking about lyrical skills.

“But you do not know what I can do. I do not know but I know what she can do… so yeah… but Femi umeskia,” she said during an interview at Iko Nini podcast.

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